Site is down

Because of mounting and very real legal pressure, the site is and will remain down.

We had a good run, and I hope that you guys continue to pressure the BBC to allow it's worldwide fans to get a full strength episodes of Top Gear (and not years behind).

Top Gear USA

I was the first person to say that no US network could do the name Top Gear justice, but History channel has gone and proven me wrong. The first couple episodes were a little shaky (what show has everything from the first one though right?), but Top Gear USA has really started to come into it's own.

You can find the show in several places.

Several episodes can be had streaming on

If you want to download them all in either SD or HD is still the best place to go.


Season 14 backwards is available for streaming at TV Gorge

Looks like TV Gorge now only has links to Satellite providers and Amazon VOD. What a shame. If you know of any other places to stream it, shout it out! You can also email admin (at)

Season 15

Season 15 is now over. Did it live up to your expectations?

Season 15

Alternatives for Top Gear

You are best off to just download the episodes yourself as opposed to watching them online.

The #1 source for Top Gear downloads is You can get all the episodes the day they come out. If you aren't a big fan of torrents, use a free account at and have them download the torrents for you.

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